Thursday, 15 November 2012

Biblical Wonders and Blistering Wigwams

“…but let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. For in these things I delight, declares the LORD.”

Jeremiah chapter 9 verse 24

   With Wonders and Wigwams rapidly approaching its third anniversary, I think I can be forgiven for displaying some signs of nostalgia.

   It was November 2009 that I hesitantly took a step on-board the virtual word-world which is the blogosphere. With the airwaves of this planet so abuzz with conflicting ideas and opinions, what difference, I asked myself, should mine make? Anyone who knows me will not hesitate to confidently answer ‘None.’ It has been a sure and steadfast joy in my life, however, to be able to come to the immovable rock who’s opinions really do matter.

   You know who I mean of course. The Lord Jesus Christ is an anchor in the storm of life. It is only in His Word- the Bible- that we can find truth and surety. Doubt me, doubt Wonders and Wigwams, but trust in the Word of God- it cannot fail.

   With this in mind, it has always been my prayerful ambition to explain this magnificent creation in the revealing light of the Lord’s fantastically insightful scriptures: to remind you of the biblical wonders of God while we wait in these earthly wigwams, until the day when we leave them behind for ever!


To mark this monumental occasion, I have chosen some of my best, most favourite posts of all time for your pleasure…




Here are a few special blog series, which I have particularly enjoyed writing, and I hope you have enjoyed reading…

(Please note when following the links below: Each series is displayed with the last post first).


Creation’s Cache-

We can learn much about an artist by examining his finished work; did he choose canvas or board? Oil or watercolours? Is it landscape or portrait? Happy or sad? Likewise, we can learn so much about our God by examining his wonderful creation. Over 10 posts, this series helps us see some of the treats in ‘Creation’s Cache’.



What better to study than our eternal home? 6 posts can hardly scratch the surface of the vast hugeness which is Heaven! Based on my own study of this encouraging topic, these posts, although feeble, hopefully can get you searching the scriptures to see if my idea of Heaven is sensible (or not!).


The Joys of Christ-

A few years ago I had the privilege of hearing some young Christian people teaching through some of the joys of belonging to Jesus Christ. I was greatly encouraged and blessed by their biblical reasoning and decided to pass on some of their wisdom to you! Thanks guys!



Each year has bought new challenges and new lessons. Here are some of my favourite posts, one from 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012…


Top 2012 Post-

Get Up! Shake Yourself! Act!

This title is taken from the words of William Booth of the Salvation Army. It is a reminder- hopefully a stern one!- that if you are a Christian, then you have a vital message of life to share. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Top 2011 Post-

“Tea and cake, please.”

A blog about tea and cake- who can’t enjoy it?! But, more to the point, what do we really delight in? The Bible describes itself as sweet honey from the honeycomb. Is that how you regard Deuteronomy or Psalms?

Top 2010 Post-

Grace in Nature: A very real lesson on Grace 

Jonathan Edwards believed that all of creation reveals something about God. Perhaps the illustration of a dying pigeon is too much? God’s Grace is displayed everywhere…

Top 2009 Post-

Traveling with Aquilla and Priscilla

I love reading about Paul’s many friends and companions. Here is the story of a delightful couple who were housemates with the apostle.




‘A Book for You’ - a.k.a. ‘abk4u’ - is an on-going series of posts aimed at marketing some fantastic Christian books from which I have particularly benefited. Any regular ‘Wigwam’ readers (anyone..?) will know that I love the work of C.S. Lewis. Here are some reviews I have written about him…


abk4u: a Jack of all Trades

C.S. Lewis, known as ‘Jack’ to his friends, was a fascinating character. Did his career peak during the Narnia years? Or did he write other books of equal renown? Whatever answer you choose, he has shaped much of my understanding about biblical joy. I hope you find his work a blessing too.


abk4u: The Screwtape Letters

One of my favourite books of all time. Wow.


And finally, some of the more stranger posts…


A King, a Revolutionary, a Murder and a Mystery revealed…

      -the gospel using hats

 image          image 

Mice and Custard

     -an epic tale of a mouse and a (relatively speaking) oversized biscuit


My sincere prayer is that each post, although fallible, may be used to the glory of God and for your benefit.

Happy Third Anniversary!

Thanks for reading Wonders & Wigwams!

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