Monday, 14 January 2013

Crimes ‘gainst the King


A beautiful garden, a tranquil delight,
a haven, a house and a home.
Rocks dripping honey and rivers of milk,
fountains of fruit flowing forth.

Twas here that a King walked and talked
with his friends- his people, his citizens and folk.
Down the sweet lanes and beside the green meadows
a Monarch and his nation did dwell.

But, swollen with pleasure, each ego did grow
and tempted with empire of own,
the devious sower a seed of dissent
placed in heart and in mind and in eye.

Forgetting their liege and his grace and his favour,
and the law of treason and crimes ‘gainst the King,
the people bore arms and fought for the victory,
seeking freedom from deemed tyranny.

Their hope was ill founded and their cause a delusion:
they strove without knowledge or brains.
For the sower was twisted and led to disaster
his blind flock with the vilest glee.

They looked in their mirth at the land they had stole,
and with joy cried ‘Safety’ and ‘Peace’.
‘This civilisation,’ they proclaim, ‘is firm and safe, to be true.’
A great mistake, these fools are deluded:

One Kingdom only shall remain,
and it is unlike any other earthly domain.
Its King is eternal and glorious above,
and first in His Court: a great message of love.

For this King sent his son- His Prince and delight-
to pay the great penalty his enemies did owe.
Their treachery is forgiven and their debt He repaid
at the cost of his firstborn their sin was assuaged.

Yet still some choose to fight,
and a bitter war they do rage.
Until, beaten and guilty, they find the gates slammed firm shut,
and lament their decisions and fear the dark grave.

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